CBD Toothpaste – 100mg


A ‘World Special’ we could not be more proud of!

100mg of CBD infused together with powerful dental care ingredients.

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CBD Toothpaste by Natural Enigma


Due to the fact we know a lot of users both struggle with the taste of the oils or don’t partake in vaping, we therefore decided to think of an easier & more convenient way for people to take CBD.

You certainly won’t need to remember again with our ‘CBD Toothpaste’ as it slips straight into the daily routine for your whole family.

First of all we added special Dental-tested ingredients together with the Anti-Inflammatory properties of CBD, and as result, created a product that not only cares for the teeth & gums, but furthermore helps to prevent inflammation.

Our CBD Dental Care Toothpaste effectively protects your teeth against tooth decay, plaque and the formation of new tartar. That’s why we believe this could very well be the best CBD product available in the world!

Can you think of anything better?

  • Stimulates bone formation
  • Has an anti-fungal / Anti-infective effect
  • Anti-inflammatory protection against cavities
  • Protects against gum disease and plaque

Contains 100mg of active CBD

THC-Free & 100% Vegan

Comes in a 75ml Bio-degradable airless dispenser

Certificate of Analysis – C-AR0803-6-1