Natural Enigma CBD is a British CBD brand that set out on a mission to offer a healthy hedonist lifestyle with the natural health boosting properties that come from the mysterious Cannabis Sativa L. plant. We’re now in the midst of a health and wellbeing revolution, with more and more people seeking solace in the redemptive power plant and its Cannabidiol extract (CBD).

The company was set up by brothers James, & Alex Collingwood. They both had to painfully watch their mum struggle with everyday tasks because of a previous injury to her back due to a car accident. Naturally they both wanted to ease their mums pain and started to do more research into cannabis, how it can help, and its benefits.

The more research they did, the more they started to realise that there was a lot of doubt in end consumers. Mainly down to the brand they have chosen not really offering any garuntees of safety or even what the full ingredients were, and figured they could probably do it better!

Their main goal was that they wanted to offer the highest quality extract at the best possible price for their end customers, whilst at the same time being safe!

They then spent the next 2 years researching and developing a CBD product range that is unlike any other.

The CBD extract used is organically grown right here in the EU from our trusted farms. It is extracted in a unique way called nanotised.

What does this mean?: Quite simply the best bio-availability of ALL oils on the market. This is due to the fact that the nanotised process uses ultra sonic cavitation for extraction, and therefore creates particle sizes that are unprecedented. This gives Natural Enigma’s oil an advantage over other oils, because our particle sizes are so small in our CBD oil, it has the fastest rate of absorbtion into the body, ready to unfold its special effect. We have also used MCT oil as a carrier as this also has the highest bio-availabilty of any other carrier oil that can be used.

We also made sure that our oil was Gluten & GMO free, no pesticides, herbicides, growth hormones or additives were used, suitable for vegans, THC free, and 100% UK legal, and all products are 3rd party lab tested after being made in our lab.

We then sat down an tirelessly worked on our product range, which we believe offers a product to suit everyone.

We have a unique Dental range, unlike anything in the UK, that we are hugely proud of. It is very popular with sports professionals looking for help with recovery, and with people who struggle with the taste of oil.

We have a range of e-liquids in 3 tasty flavours & 3 different strengths, along with our full spectrum oil, rich in CBD & CBG available in both 5% (500mg/10ml) and 10% (1000mg/10ml)

We are also about to launch our ‘CBD Serum’, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Also we made sure all our packaging is bio-degradable too!

All the 3rd party Lab test results (COA’s – Certificate of Analysis) for all products are on our website and can be viewed anytime to help keep our customers assured of the safety in our products, just look for the link at the bottom of each product page, or visit

All that whilst keeping the price competitive & affordable.

Why go anywhere else?